(CNN)Weeks after coronavirus restrictions took effect on US borders, Customs and Border Protection officers say that although travel has greatly decreased, exposure from continued border crossings poses a threat to their workforce and the public. The steady pace of travel is frustrating those charged with vetting people crossing on a daily basis and fueling tension between officers and the agency that employs them. CBP officers are on the front lines, regularly interacting with the public and tasked with protecting US borders and managing legal trade and travel. “It’s pretty much business as usual,” said Alfonso Ortiz, speaking on behalf of the National Treasury Employees Union San Diego chapter, which represents around 3,500 US CBP employees at the agency within the Department of Homeland Security. In March, the Trump administration announced it was suspending nonessential travel on the northern and southern borders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, hundreds of thousands of people, including US citizens and residents, cross the borders on a regular basis for a range of reasons, including work, attending school, visiting family and tourism, among others. On a typical day before the coronavirus outbreak, CBP processed 681,750 incoming land travelers into the US. While the numbers have

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