(CNN)Whatever you touch with your hands — food, bacteria, dust — can be transferred to your cell phone, making it a mobile petri dish possibly teeming with germs. So there’s a growing discussion about how to keep phones sanitized as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread worldwide. And that’s why sales of a device-cleaning machine called PhoneSoap are soaring.PhoneSoap’s products, which kill germs on phones by bathing them in UV light, haven’t been tested against COVID-19. But revenue so far this month is about 20 times higher than in the same period last year, co-founder Dan Barnes told CNN Business on March 10.The company sold out of its devices in early March, but it’s currently taking pre-orders that will ship between April 15 and May 30, according to its website.”[The coronavirus] isn’t something we celebrate, but it has definitely raised awareness that phones or hard surfaces can harbor bacteria for days and that it’s important to clean them,” Barnes said.Phone hygiene matters generally because research has shown our mobile devices carry pathogens that might include antibiotic-resistant bacteria, said Mia Lieberman, a clinical veterinarian at Harvard Medical School who has tested the PhoneSoap’s effectiveness. These germs can pose a risk,

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