(CNN)Some federal health experts advising President Donald Trump on the Covid-19 response have submitted recommendations to the White House coronavirus task force — guidelines that seek to reopen “some schools and businesses” in cities where infection rates are low, a senior federal health official directly involved in creating the guidelines told CNN.The guidelines are only recommendations at this point, which would be considered by the task force then submitted for Trump’s approval. In recent days, the White House has said it would review recommendations and announce new guidelines early this week.The official characterized the recommendations as a “middle-ground agreement” between “keeping the country shut down and trying to reopen the entire thing.” The source would not reveal which lower-infection states might be included.”Manhattan won’t be impacted by these guidelines, but places in middle America will,” the official said.INTERACTIVE: Tracking Covid-19 cases in the USThe recommendations come as the number of reported coronavirus deaths doubled to more than 2,000 nationwide in two days. The US has the most confirmed cases worldwide, and as of Saturday, at least 215 million Americans were under various stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders, according to a CNN count based on Census data. CNN has reached out to

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