John MacIntosh is the managing partner of SeaChange Capital Partners, a nonprofit merchant bank in New York that helps nonprofits work through complex challenges. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion at CNN. (CNN)Covid-19 is poised to become an extinction-level event for America’s nonprofits. Cultural institutions have been forced to close their doors. Organizations working in and around public schools or in senior centers cannot provide services because their clients are not showing up. Fundraising events have been canceled. Many essential front-line social services — e.g., operating homeless shelters — cannot be delivered remotely and pose particular risks of infection, increasing the costs of keeping staff safe. Unless government, funders and nonprofit leaders take immediate and decisive action, many nonprofits around the nation may just disappear over the next few months leaving those they serve and employ in disastrous circumstances.Although the federal government and the press are focused on the plight of the big industries — airlines, hotels, cruise ships — nonprofits employ more people than many of these industries. Furthermore, nonprofits typically don’t have the cash, credit lines assets (e.g. ships, planes, landing rights, brand names) or lobbyists that guarantee the survival of these

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