(CNN)In those long-ago days of early 2020, business was cranking for Adam Flowers, a former street magician with an enterprising mind. The owner of a Las Vegas tour business that includes ghost and mob tours, Flowers had just teamed up with 81-year-old Frank Cullotta, an admitted former hitman for the mob. They parlayed Cullotta’s violent crimes of the past — which Cullotta says included murder — into a schtick, creating a YouTube channel called “Coffee with Cullotta.” It racked up thousands of views, which in turn drove visitors to the physical tour. Things were going well at home, too. Flowers, 43, had moved his retired parents to Las Vegas from Chicago the prior year. His wife worked as a technical director at Caesars Entertainment. Then came the coronavirus. By summer, Flowers’ tour business was on hold, his wife was furloughed, they were living on unemployment, and Flowers and Cullotta were both stricken with Covid-19 — too ill to record more episodes. But that’s not the worst. On July 9, Flowers’ father — John Flowers, a former firefighter and amateur magician who inspired his son to pursue showbusiness — died of Covid-19.”It’s a lot to have happen to you all at

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