(CNN)A crew member aboard the Celebrity Infinity, part of the Miami-based Royal Caribbean, has raised concerns over whether fellow crew members were unnecessarily put at risk of being exposed to Covid-19. Julia Melim, who works as a TV host for the Port and Shopping Channel on the in-house ship TV network, told CNN that management onboard, as well as some of her colleagues, neglected social distancing guidelines and were dismissive of her concerns regarding crew members’ health.”They made me feel I was crazy to even bring it up,” she said, referring to her colleagues’ reaction after she brought up the need for social distancing onboard. “Anytime anyone raised a question, it was the general response: the ship is the safest place to be.” On March 23, ship management sent out a memo, reviewed by CNN, to crew members who were on the Celebrity Infinity from March 9 through 14 to let them know a crew member who sailed on the ship during that time tested positive for Covid-19, and therefore they could have been exposed. The memo then outlined steps for how to monitor their symptoms — including by doing temperature checks twice a day — and encouraged them to

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