Prateek Harne is a resident physician in internal medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University, in Syracuse, New York. The opinions expressed in the commentary are solely those of the author. View more opinion on CNN. (CNN)”I am very scared,” my patient said, as my heart raced. She wasn’t the only one.As I write this, the coronavirus pandemic has reached more than 580,000 cases worldwide, the United States has surpassed China with the most cases, and it’s still rising. I am a resident physician working at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse, New York. I was mentally prepared to see these cases in our hospital, but roughly two weeks ago, when I did — in the context of what we know about this virus so far — it left me changed. As a doctor, we are trained to listen calmly and to understand and validate our patient’s anxiety. Through numerous encounters, we are equipped to handle these situations so that our patients feel acknowledged and relieved after we have had a conversation with them. But every now and then there comes an interaction that leaves an indelible impact.My first encounter with a Covid-19 positive patient is something I will never

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