A list of resources for domestic violence victims follows this article. (CNN)Home is the safest place to be while a pandemic rages outside. Health officials have said as much for weeks now. But for some, home is not a haven from violence and abuse. Self-isolation forces victims of domestic violence and their children into uncomfortable and dangerous circumstances: Riding out the Covid-19 crisis, shut in with their abusers. Life during the coronavirus outbreak has sapped victims’ outlets for relief: Running errands, speaking with counselors, visiting friends. The pandemic has shattered exit plans that some victims have spent months developing. And the deluge of stress and fear — of unemployment, of sickness, of death — is only intensifying the abuse they face.The services designed to support even the most isolated of these victims are struggling to help from a distance.”It is the perfect storm for someone who wants to isolate or hurt their partners,” said Val Kalei Kanuha, assistant dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Abuse survivors are familiar with the rules of social isolation already. Now, the pandemic is doing the work for abusers.Domestic violence will likely increase in social isolationThe

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