Mexico City (CNN)Dr. Alondra Jovanna Torres was walking her dogs on a tranquil street near her house in Guadalajara when the attack happened. The quiet morning was shattered when someone behind her screamed something inaudible, and she felt a splash on the side of her face. Liquid streamed into her left eye and down her neck. Pain quickly followed. The familiar, caustic smell led to a swift realization: She’d been doused with bleach. “At first, I was in shock,” she told CNN a week later. “Then, I felt scared and angry.” Her neck burned and her vision blurred. And she noticed something about the medical scrubs she’d been wearing. The color began to fade where the bleach had landed. She realized she’d become part of a broader story that she’d been reading about. “I heard about other attacks in the news, but you never think it’s going to happen to you,” she said. Dozens of attacksThe heroism of healthcare workers amid the coronavirus pandemic is applauded daily in cities and towns around the world, but it’s a different story for some in Mexico. At least 44 attacks against medical personnel have been registered across the country since mid-March, according to

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