(CNN)Currently there is no proven treatment or cure for Covid-19, but scientists around the globe are working to find one. In today’s edition of “Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction,” CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains some of the drug names floating around and what we know about them. You can listen on your favorite podcast app or read the transcript below:President Donald Trump: So chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine. Now, this is a common malaria drug.Dr. Sanjay Gupta: That was President Trump last Thursday. Maybe you’ve been watching the White House briefings and heard from the president that an old drug is being repurposed as an experimental treatment for Covid-19. Trump: And it’s shown very encouraging — very, very encouraging early results. And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately. Dr. Gupta: Last Friday, a reporter asked coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci whether there was any evidence that chloroquine was effective against Covid-19. Fauci said, “No.”Dr. Anthony Fauci: The information that you’re referring to specifically is anecdotal; it was not done in a controlled clinical trial. So you really can’t make any definitive statement about it. Dr. Gupta: If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

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