New York (CNN)When Dr. Calvin Sun gets back to his New York City apartment after a 12-hour shift treating critically ill coronavirus patients, he heads straight to the kitchen sink to wash his ski goggles and ski jacket.He scrubs and wipes, then sprays them with Lysol before hanging them up to dry. The items are his personal protective equipment, or PPE — improvised due to the severe shortage at hospitals across the city — and he’ll likely need to use them at work tomorrow.As a per diem emergentologist who fills in shifts left empty by the increasing number of doctors calling out sick, Sun has the unique perspective of working in emergency rooms throughout the New York City area. Within the walls of each medical facility, he sees the same desperation.Sun, a native New Yorker, documented his journey for CNN over the course of one week.”We don’t have enough N95 masks. Some have run out completely. Some don’t even have gowns,” he said. “You can put me in the exact same ER and I would witness the exact same evolution of chaos.”New York City is now the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak. Central Park and the city’s harbor have

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