(CNN)Last week, a 99-year-old New Jersey man who went to an engagement party was arrested in New Jersey for defying the state’s ban on gatherings. In a separate case, a 100-year-old man violated a stay-at-home order by attending a funeral.While not as severe, many elderly Americans are flouting shelter-in-place directives and carrying on as usual. They’re hitting stores, visiting family and inviting over friends and neighbors.For a group that’s considered very high risk for contracting coronavirus, they’re carrying on life as usual — much to the worry of their grown children.Talk to a few of them and they’ll tell you there are several reasons why.For some, it’s cabin feverAlke Muirhead, 95, has been cooped up and she’s tired of it. Though increasingly she’s staying in, she hit the Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe near her home recently. She was thrilled when a worker gave her flowers from the shelf. Sometimes, Muirhead hops in the car just to drive around. She drops in to visit her daughter-in-law Apple and grandsons Tristan and Trevor. She admits, though, that she’s doing so less and less with the stay-at-home restrictions in New Mexico.”It’s good, old-fashioned cabin fever … it’s as simple as that,” Muirhead

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