(CNN)Jessica Corradini of Verona, Italy, has been baking bread — mostly sourdough — for a couple years. Since the coronavirus pandemic shut down Italy, her hobby has become more important than ever to help her feel connected to herself.Italy had at least 135,000 Covid-19 cases as of April 8, and the virus-stricken country requires its residents to travel with government documents detailing where they’re going and why. Corradini and her boyfriend have been on lockdown together for almost a month now, only leaving to buy groceries and deliver food to her boyfriend’s parents. “I can say that [baking] is saving my days and my mind,” she said. “It has never been more important to have a hobby than it is now.”She’s in good company. People around the world — including nearly all Americans — have been advised or ordered to stay home. Many are taking up bread baking to fill the time and easy their nerves — and enjoy some good bread as a result.Corradini bakes daily, primarily to pass the long hours of isolation but also to build a community of bread bakers on Instagram, where followers keep each other updated on ingredient availability and exchange advice. “Baking bread

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