(CNN)Alyssa Jennings knows what it’s like to be isolated, sick and self-quarantined. The 11-year-old has a rare blood disease called chronic cyclic neutropenia, which causes her white cell count to drop dramatically low every three months.This makes her very susceptible to getting severely sick. She is a regular at Inova Fairfax Children’s Hospital, where she has an excellent medical team.In December, Alyssa spent her Christmas holiday in isolation with Influenza A and B as well as pneumonia. Her mom and grandfather set up a small Christmas tree in her room.”The first time I got my blood drawn, I cried. I try to think about my dog Hope because she makes me happy,” Alyssa says. “Usually when I’m scared, I tell myself it will be all right. I color or paint and do puzzles to get my mind off being in the hospital.” Alyssa jokes she almost finished a 200-piece “Frozen” puzzle but is still looking for the one missing piece in her room. One hospital visit was particularly rough on her mom, Danielle Jennings.”Once her [Aly’s] heart stopped briefly. And it terrified me. We had to check for impacts of oxygen because of it. Those nights I am usually crying

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