We are publishing personal essays from CNN’s global staff as they live and cover the story of Covid-19. Amara Walker is an anchor and correspondent for CNN, based in Atlanta.Atlanta (CNN)When my mother answers our FaceTime call with a big smile and excitedly greets my 2-year-old daughter, “Hello my sweet Charlee!” a feeling of relief washes over me. These days, moments like these have become increasingly precious. As my mother’s memory has begun to fade over the past couple of years, I’ve dreaded the possibility that she may one day not recognize me, my brother, my dad, or my daughter — her only grandchild. But now, with my parents joining millions of people around the world in taking social distancing seriously, those concerns are magnified. Not a day goes by when I don’t worry about the toll this might take on my mom’s dementia. Many of us have seen our lives dramatically change and we are all coping the best we can. But for people like my mom, their cognitive health depends heavily on social engagement. Studies have shown activities such as regular bonding with loved ones, learning new skills, and interacting with friends can slow the progression of memory

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