A version of this story appeared in CNN What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. (CNN)We’re still at the front end of what government will do to help the people through what could either be a recession or a full-on depression caused by the near-complete economic hiatus everyone hopes will slow or stop the spread of Covid-19.Lawmakers have already passed two bills to a deal with the coronavirus outbreak. They’re now at work on a much larger third stimulus. On Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled a $1 trillion proposal. Here’s a look at what lawmakers have done so far and what we know about what is under discussion for additional relief.What’s already passedMarch 4 — Vaccine research, aid to state governments. House approves an $8.3 billion bill to drastically ramp up vaccine research, give funding to state health officials, beef up prevention programs and more. (The proposal was several times larger than the original White House request).March 18 — Sick leave, family leave. Senate approves a $104 billion bill that would give direct help to many Americans, including:2-week paid sick leave for ill or quarantined workersWho gets it? Not everyone. Only people being tested

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