(CNN)As the coronavirus pandemic spreads throughout the United States, some health experts are warning that hospitals are not prepared to manage the anticipated number of patients, if there is a large spike in severe cases.”If we have a large spike of cases — no, American hospitals are not going to be able to handle it,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. It’s unclear exactly how many people might need to be hospitalized, but doctors are trying to figure that out as healthcare systems prepare for what could be a large influx of patients. Doing the mathCNN obtained one estimate presented to the American Hospital Association by Dr. James Lawler, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center on March 5 predicting that over the next two months, 4.8 million patients will be admitted to hospital because of coronavirus, including 1.9 million stays in the intensive care unit. “This estimation is just that, an estimation,” Lawler said in an emailed statement. “However it is based upon the best epidemiological modeling and opinion of experts in pandemics and respiratory viral disease. This estimation assumes no attempt to lessen the outbreak, so there is the potential for these

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