(CNN)Pollsters around the country are facing an increasingly difficult challenge in gauging public opinion in the time of coronavirus as call centers must be abandoned and the world changes quicker than most polls can be conducted.The coronavirus pandemic, which has escalated dramatically in the last month, has upended most of American life and the polling industry is no exception. Social distancing requirements have closed most offices and the exponential growth of cases has meant that a poll can be outdated even just a few days after it’s conducted due to the rapid shifts in public opinion.Polling is conducted in numerous ways and with an almost infinite number of methodological choices to be made. Surveys can be conducted by phone with live people asking questions, online, by mail, in person, by phone with automated callers and many other options in between, each presenting their own pros and cons in the pandemic. And now public opinion firms are combating issues such as conducting polls without a room full of people at call centers, an influx of interest in pandemic data and a news cycle that won’t stay still long enough to field a poll.But with rapidly changing data comes new innovations and

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