Vicky Ward is a senior reporter at CNN. She is the former executive editor of Talk Magazine, a former contributing editor to Vanity Fair and author of “The Devil’s Casino,” “The Liar’s Ball” and “Kushner, Inc.” The opinions expressed here are her own. Read more opinion at CNN. (CNN)I have spent two decades reporting on people at the nexus of money, power and culture. I’ve written books about corruption among the country’s wealthiest 1%, Wall Street greed and the ruthlessness of New York real estate titans. So these past few weeks I have been on the phone to many people who are not stuck, like me, in a New York City apartment, where we are on constant alert for the ominous sound of sirens puncturing the silence with increasing frequency.Instead, many of those I spoke to are in places where they feel relatively safe. Many don’t realize they may be in a bubble of false security as the number of coronavirus infections spreads out into suburban and rural Long Island — including Suffolk County, home of the Hamptons — and other areas where the country’s extremely wealthy have second homes.One hedge fund billionaire is at his ranch in Texas; another

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