(CNN Business)Households across the country are facing a stark moral dilemma on a weekly, if not daily, basis: go out during the pandemic to shop for groceries and supplies but risk your own health, or order those same items online and risk the health of the people who pack and deliver them to you.Perhaps nowhere is this conflict more apparent than with Amazon, which has emerged as a vital lifeline for countless families — with so much demand that it is in the process of hiring another 100,000 workers at its distribution centers — even as there have been concerning reports about the safety of its warehouse workers.Amazon (AMZN)workers at several of its warehouses have protested in recent weeks, alleging the company has mishandled its response to coronavirus. Some of the concerns include what workers say is pressure to work longer hours at some facilities, inadequate social distancing measures, a lack of worker screening for possible coronavirus symptoms and access to protective gear. Amazon is also facing an investigation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration into its warehouse near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. On its website, Amazon said it has started implementing warehouse worker temperature checks, provided more protective gear, increased

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