(CNN)As the fight against the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, so does the strain felt across society. Impact Your World has gathered some ways you can help ease the pressure.Feeding the hungryAs schools shut down and shift to online learning, some kids in low-income households are losing access to free meals at school. The USDA is working to extend some free meal services, and several non-profits are helping fill the gap. You can find out how to help them here. Meanwhile, food banks across the US are gearing up for increased need. Feeding America has set up a COVID-19 Response Fund to support its network of 200 food banks nationwide. The group is also setting up more mobile, “drive-through” distribution points and taking care to ensure that vulnerable populations like those experiencing homelessness have access to food and hygiene.Older adults are among the most vulnerable during this pandemic. Meals on Wheels provides home delivery of food to seniors. The organization faces an increased need for volunteers and donations right now. Many Meals on Wheels’ regular volunteers are 60 years or older.Protecting healthcare workersFrontline healthcare workers are particularly at risk, and a shortage of protective equipment is impacting their response and safety.International Medical

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