We are publishing personal essays from CNN’s global staff as they live and cover the story of Covid-19. S. Mitra Kalita is the senior vice president for news, opinion and programming for CNN Digital. (CNN)This is taking forever to write. I can’t focus and my mind is either always racing or responding: Do we have milk, does she have a fever, the dog needs a walk, where’s Papa’s will, is ours updated, time for a team meeting, maybe my throat hurts, Trump’s speaking in the Rose Garden, charades on Zoom sound cool, Mama? Mama? Mama??!!I look back on other periods of my life, like when 9/11 changed my career, and sharing felt natural and therapeutic and necessary. This time, I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps because nobody knows how it ends.The day we left New York CityA friend describes it like a switch that goes off: That moment you take the virus seriously and life changes, suddenly, completely. For us it began three weeks ago — on Friday, March 13, which happens to be our 16th wedding anniversary. That was the day that me, my husband, our two daughters, our shaggy mutt and a million Ikea bags stuffed with

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