Washington (CNN)Prisoners are running out of soap and cleaning solution, then wiping their hands on their uniforms because paper towels aren’t available. Detainees are using the same towels they use to clean jail cells to bathe and dry their hands. And there’s no hand sanitizer allowed for prisoners.That’s the grim situation described in a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union and DC public defender’s service brought on behalf of four detainees and prisoners in Washington, DC’s city jail on Monday.The lawsuit landed on a day that at least one other group of prisoners, in a Texas state prison, asked a judge to mandate they have more soap and cleaning supplies, marking how inmates have started to take a more aggressive and coordinated approach in court to how their jails are being run as they fear the spread of the coronavirus.The court filings give a startling portrait of the alleged lack of sanitary supplies in some jails and highlight how difficult it is for detention facilities to stop the virus from spreading.”Even the best run, most humane, most medically up to date jail is a giant petri dish. You have lots and lots of people living in close quarters. Social

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