Brooklyn, New York (CNN)One emergency room. 40 minutes. Six patients went into cardiac arrest. Four died before they made it out of the ER.The blare of the critical “CODE 99″ from the hospital alert system rang out five other times in less than an hour, calling medics to scramble to a patient needing resuscitation.It’s not chaos, but to an onlooker, it seems like hell.”They’re so sick you lose them in a heartbeat, they’re that sick,” respiratory therapist Julie Eason told CNN. “They’re talking to you and then a few minutes later you’re putting a tube down their throat and you’re hoping that you can set the ventilator in such a way that it actually helps them.”This is the truth of what coronavirus is doing to thousands of Americans, and likely will to many thousand more. It has been largely unseen because visitors are not allowed to be in hospitals, and everyone else is staying home.CNN was invited to witness the scenes inside the University Hospital of Brooklyn, New York, part of the SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. All the patients the hospital treats now are suffering from coronavirus — it’s one of three hospitals in the state ordered by Gov.

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