(CNN)As farmers and ranchers face a crisis of livestock overcrowding, shuttered meat-packing plants and plummeting profits, industry experts are warning that the Trump administration’s efforts to help pork and beef producers are not nearly enough to save the farms that supply America’s meat. Their pleas for more relief come amid concerns about potential meat shortages and desperation from pork producers who are running out of options — and space for their pigs.Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced last week that his department would use stimulus funding to offer farmers and ranchers $16 billion of direct payments in an effort to cushion their losses due to Covid-19. USDA will also purchase $3 billion of fresh meat, dairy and produce to distribute at food banks and other community groups.But some meat producers say the payment program contains too many restrictions to reach those most responsible for keeping up the nation’s meat supply. “It is woefully short, it’s more of a political gesture,” said Stephen Mayer, an economist at Kearns & Associates working with the pork industry.The Trump administration and Congress have struggled to keep up with the unprecedented demands created by Covid-19 and the economic fallout it has sparked. Congress late last month

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