Cory Martin is the author of six books including the memoir “Love Sick” which chronicles her life with chronic illness and the best-selling “Yoga for Beginners.” Her work has appeared online with Psychology Today, Everyday Health, MindBodyGreen Folks, and others. She is a lupus and multiple sclerosis advocate. The views expressed here are hers. Read more opinion on CNN. (CNN)I am sitting at my desk in a furious rage. Recently I read an article in ProPublica in which pharmacists described “unusual and fraudulent” prescribing activity for the drug hydroxychloroquine, suggesting that doctors may be hoarding it in a “just in case” manner. Not long after that, another article popped up in my Facebook feed, describing a 45-year-old woman with lupus who said she was denied a refill on her hydroxychloroquine at Kaiser because all supplies had been diverted for the “critically ill with Covid-19” who might fill their system. As for her? According to Buzzfeed, the woman was told she could manage for 40 days without the drug and thanked her for her “sacrifice” and “understanding.” The Lupus Foundation of America has written to Congress and is fighting on our behalf to ensure the drug supply remains strong, but as

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