(CNN)The remainder of one major military exercise between the US and several European nations will be canceled as a “precautionary measure,” and US involvement will be reduced in another exercise amid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, US European Command announced Wednesday.It is just the latest major military exercise to be discontinued, curtailed or postponed due to growing concerns about the pandemic. The movement of US military personnel in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have also been placed under some increased restrictions to help prevent the spread of the virus, and more restrictions are expected.Listen to the CNN Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction podcast with chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta here.The decision to cancel the remainder of “Exercise Cold Response 20” was made by the chief of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters in cooperation with the leadership of the Norwegian Armed Forces. “By ending the exercise now, we will also avoid any unnecessarily burden to the civilian health care system, for example with illness among soldiers, accidents or corona testing among personnel,” Lt. Gen. Rune Jakobsen, the chief of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, said Wednesday.More than 15,000 service members were scheduled to participate in the exercise, which primarily takes place

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