Dawn Siff is an activist and writer who lives in Jackson Heights, New York with her family. She is a Democrat running for District Leader for Assembly District 34, Part A. The opinions expressed in this commentary are her own; view more opinion articles on CNN. (CNN)I don’t know how many doors I knocked on in the weeks before Covid-19 shut down my Queens, New York, community. A thousand? Two thousand? I was collecting signatures to get on the ballot as a candidate for district leader, a volunteer position, in the New York State Democratic Party. According to state law, I needed 500 to appear on the ballot in June; according to unwritten local political law, I needed two or three times that, or a challenger would try to knock me off the ballot. When you canvass that many homes, you spend a lot of time staring at closed doors. I noted the Christmas decorations that were still up (in February) and the sassy doormat messages (“Beware Attack Cat”). I tried to knock on doors with local guides; a friend from that building or block. Not only are people more likely to open the door for their neighbor, but I

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