(CNN)In many ways, Covid-19 is forcing the entire US health care delivery system in the US to mature into the 21st century, whether it is ready or not.One enormous shift is clear: virtual care, or telemedicine, will become the new normal. This week the federal government demolished long-standing barriers for doctors to provide telemedicine, enabling previously unthinkable conveniences like conducting an office visit with FaceTime or Skype.This will be a completely different care experience for most people, but not necessarily worse and probably for the better.So, what does this mean for the process of getting normal health care? People will need to navigate this brave new health care system, manage their chronic illnesses, and get answers for new problems.Here is some advice on what to expect and how to safely access health care in the coming weeks and months.The traditional primary care office visit is a last resort, for now All health care facilities are now high-risk sites for either transmitting or receiving exposure to Covid-19. This is not just about your risk of infection. Your health care provider could be the one infected because she is treating so many patients and doesn’t know it yet because the symptoms of

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