New York (CNN Business)With store shelves empty and online supplies backordered, some Nextdoor users are looking to strike up deals with neighbors. One offer: Four rolls of toilet paper for a bottle of hand sanitizer. “[I] can send pics of toilet paper upon request,” a post on the neighborhood social network read. “Willing to negotiate.”Posts like this reflect the present state of Nextdoor, which currently hosts a flurry of hyperlocal news updates about the coronavirus outbreak and serves as a place for people to connect with others in their communities. It’s also a virtual hub where anxiety runs high.The company, which launched in October 2011, said it’s seen a significant increase in user engagement in the past two weeks (up 80%), especially in areas hit hard by the virus, such as the greater New York City area and Seattle. Nextdoor, which doesn’t share its total user numbers, is available in 260,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and many European countries.The number of coronavirus cases in the US continues to climb. On Sunday evening, there were 3,349 confirmed cases. About 24 hours later, that number jumped by more than 1,000. With many actions coming in at a

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