New York (CNN Business)Nintendo released “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and Bethesda launched “Doom Eternal,” on Friday. Both games are the latest entries in decades-old franchises, and their releases are well-timed given that millions of people are staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic. While “Animal Crossing” is a slow-paced game set on an idyllic island, where you can build furniture and meet friends, “Doom Eternal” is a shooter game in which demons invade Earth. CNN Business had an opportunity to try both.”Animal Crossing” trains its users in patience, as stores within the game close at night as they do in real life, and fish and insects sometimes resist capture. Its bright characters and peaceful vacation setting help provide a change of scenery, while still being somewhat realistic (you have to take out home loans to expand your real estate). As more people begin to play the game, an online feature allows you to visit friends’ islands, making it possible for players in real life to connect to each other. It could be a way for people to connect online during social distancing.In contrast, “Doom Eternal” throws you right into skull-smashing, guns-blazing action set to a rousing soundtrack, and hardly ever

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