New Orleans (CNN)Hospital workers in Louisiana, where the cases of novel coronavirus are skyrocketing daily, are already working under great stress and officials there say it will get worse. An employee inside one hospital told CNN that every intensive care unit room at facility has brown paper bags by the door. Each bag is marked with a staff member’s name.The health care workers use the bags to store their N95 masks as they go in and out of the room. They have to reuse the masks, which are supposed to be disposable, until they are soiled. Some rooms are being turned into a makeshift negative pressure room. Negative pressure rooms are necessary for Covid-19 patients because they keep the airborne contaminants inside the room and away from common areas of the hospital. Most hospitals only have a few negative pressure rooms. The hospital told CNN it was using these kinds of temporary rooms but would not say how many.Ecoee Rooney, the president of the New Orleans district nurses association, told CNN from inside one of the hospitals treating the growing number of patients that staffers are under tremendous stress.”I will tell you, you know there’s a lot of fear and

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