(CNN)On Tuesday at Aldercrest, they were disinfecting the saltshakers. The front door was locked. Somewhere outside, a new virus proliferated. It had killed at least 24 people in Washington state, at least 19 at the Life Care Center across the lake. And so, at Aldercrest, another skilled-nursing facility in Edmonds, they were taking precautions. Visitors had to ring the bell. A nurse wore gloves and held a thermometer. Anyone above 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit would be turned away.It is a frightening time in America. People have questions about the novel coronavirus. Can they get it from paper money or the swimming pool? Can they kill it with lemons and vinegar? Should they put their gloves in the freezer? “What do I do if I contract the coronavirus and I’m uninsured,” someone wrote to CNN. “Am I as good as dead?”This much is certain: The older and sicker you already are, the more likely it is to kill you. Roughly 2.5 million Americans live in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. They are in mortal danger.The Covid-19 virus can give a person fever, dry cough, labored breathing. It can also infect you while causing none of those symptoms, which means you might walk

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