Hong Kong (CNN Business)Samsung is warning that the months ahead will be painful as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts global supply chains, hurts smartphone demand and complicates the adoption of 5G technology.But the South Korean conglomerate also says the crisis has sparked a fundamental change in how people live — and predicted that the world’s reliance on digital services is here to stay as millions of people hunker down at home. The company on Wednesday reported operating profit of 6.45 trillion won ($5.3 billion) for the three-month period ending in March, up 3.5% compared to the same period a year earlier and in line with analysts’ expectations. Revenue rose 5.6% to 55.3 trillion won ($45.4 billion). Net profit slid 3.2% to 4.88 trillion won ($4 billion).Last quarter’s uptick might be short lived, though, and the company warned that the pandemic is already causing uncertainties for large parts of its business. Because of the volatility, Samsung is not giving a full-year forecast.The world’s largest smartphone maker — which is also a key supplier of memory chips and display screens for other manufacturers such as Apple (AAPL) and Huawei — said that smartphone demand “is expected to drop sharply” because of Covid-19. Cloud

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