New York (CNN Business)Ali Raja spends his nine-hour shifts in the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital treating gunshot wounds, sprained ankles, heart attacks and now a growing number of coronavirus cases. But before the emergency physician steps on to his long shift and after he’s done, he’s on Twitter, usually for at least an hour a day.Raja, who is also the executive vice chair of Mass General’s department of emergency medicine and a Harvard Medical School assistant professor, has been using Twitter to share information about coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, including personal protective equipment for medical professionals and the importance of social distancing, to his 57,000 followers, and to learn from other medical professionals.”Right now, Twitter is the best way to get medical information out,” Raja told CNN Business. “Because of the fact that everybody gets a voice [on social media], it’s very easy for alarmist messages to pick up steam. We have to be constantly vigilant about trying to get that panic under control and spread a different message.”In a sign of the times, doctors are effectively waging a two-pronged fight against coronavirus: one part takes place in overcrowded hospitals and the other takes place on noisy

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