(CNN)The latest projections on coronavirus in the US were so alarming, there was virtually no choice but to extend social distancing guidelines, two of the nation’s top infectious disease experts said. Federal guidelines originally scheduled to end this week have now been extended to April 30. That means all Americans should avoid groups of 10 or more people, avoid discretionary travel, and consider canceling all social visits in homes. Older residents should stay home.But even with continued social distancing, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw 100,000 deaths,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”It was patently obvious, looking at the data … if we try to push back (on social distancing) prematurely, not only do we lose lives, but it probably would even hurt the economy,” he said.”So you would lose on double accounts. So to us, it was no question what the right choice was.” More than 143,000 people in the US have been infected with coronavirus, and more than 2,400 have died. And it’s only been two months since this coronavirus was first detected in the US.How well Americans obey social distancing could make the difference between 100,000 and millions

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