Jay Newton-Small is founder of MemoryWell, a digital platform that brings professional journalism skills to the challenge of helping elders tell their life stories. She is a contributor to TIME and the author of “Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works.” The views here are solely hers. View more opinion articles on CNN. (CNN)Amid the coronavirus isolation under which most of America is living, thousands of tips continue to be exchanged in the media and online on how to deal with children at home. Humorous memes of children tied and gagged as mom worked on her computer have popped up. Virtual learning has proliferated, and parents have been inundated with dozens of options, many of them free. While the immediate concern for many parents has to be the bored, hyperactive child right in front of them, the greater risk of the quarantine is more likely to fall upon their parents, and not only because of older Americans at greater risk from the disease but also because odds are they were already lonely to begin with and further forced isolation, though necessary, could be dangerous.At a time of intergenerational tensions, it’s important to remember to have empathy for

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