(CNN)First, many religious leaders modified their rituals, hoping to contain the spread of coronavirus. Now, some are taking more drastic measures by canceling worship services, closing religious schools and shuttering holy sites. Like sports leagues, museums and other cultural institutions, millions of churches and mosques, synagogues and sanghas, temples and gurdwaras are temporarily closing to guard against spreading the virus.For many spiritual leaders, the decision to shut their doors is difficult. Religious rituals are meant to be enacted, soul and body, traditionally alongside other believers. But the present dangers of the deadly virus are too great to ignore, many religious groups have decided, leading to a cascade of cancellations worldwide in the last 48 hours. Globally, more than 100,000 people have contracted Covid-19, according World Health Organization. Several governors in the United States have banned gatherings larger than 250 people as a result. “For many Christians, the very concept of not gathering as the people of God is unacceptable,” wrote evangelical leader Ed Stetzer. “We love gathering in person — with feet and faces — but for now, we may best love our neighbor by gathering via electrons and avatars.”But with Easter, Ramadan and other major holidays approaching, coronavirus will

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