John Avlon is a senior political analyst at CNN. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion on CNN. (CNN)As our country confronts the coronavirus crisis with a shutdown unseen in living memory, we’re being reminded of some basic truths. First, we really are all in this together, despite all our differences. The voices who divide our country into warring tribes do our country a disservice. Shared sacrifice to solve a common problem, consistent with our values, is the American way. You might even say it’s what makes America great.Second, sequestered at home with our families — away from the mad dash of social gatherings in the name of social distancing — we’re reminded that they are what really matters. Playing catch in the backyard, reading a book, talking, cooking, laughing — these are the real joys of life. We should savor the simple things despite whatever fear we may feel. Because life is short. Yes, social distancing might mean missing out on some fun. But part of the tradeoff that comes with being a responsible adult is recognizing that sacrificing some self-indulgent fun can open the door to more joy. Third, truth matters. Facts matter.

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