(CNN)Carl Goldman and his wife, Jeri, were still aboard the Diamond Princess when the threats began. The California couple, who had traveled to South Asia for vacation, were among the passengers stuck onboard the American-run cruise ship when the coronavirus pandemic hit in February. For a time in early February, the Diamond Princess had the largest concentration of cases outside of mainland China — and positive cases in the United States were in single digits. At least 712 passengers and crew members on the ship tested positive for coronavirus by late March, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Carl Goldman was one of the hundreds of passengers who tested positive for coronavirus. Jeri Goldman was not. “People started posting that we shouldn’t be allowed to come back to the US, or if we did, we should be locked up in cages,” Carl Goldman told CNN.The Goldmans said that since leaving the ship and returning home in March, the threats have only gotten worse. While the bulk of the threats occurred when Jeri returned home, they have not stopped weeks later.The couple’s experience reflects the stigma some people who have tested positive for the virus face, as the public

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