(CNN)While the coronavirus pandemic and climate change are inherently different issues, they share two important characteristics: both are global crises that threaten the lives of millions of people.Yet only one crisis has inspired widespread, drastic action from countries across the globe. As Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, spreads, governments, businesses and individuals around the world have undertaken unprecedented, wartime-esqe measures.Countries have been put into lockdown, schools closed, events canceled, factories shuttered, millions told to work from home and emergency funds released. No economic cost has been too big to stem the spread of the disease.Coronavirus is proving that it is possible to make dramatic changes and economic sacrifices to save lives.For decades, scientists have been demanding that climate crisis be taken this seriously. But despite numerous international agreements, governments have been slow to take action to reduce carbon emissions.”It actually hurts because it shows that at the national, or international level, if we need to take action we can. So why haven’t we for climate? And not with words, with real actions,” said Donna Green, associate professor at University of New South Wales’s Climate Change Research Centre. Heat-trapping emissions from human activity keep rising, air pollution continues to

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