(CNN)Cookie Villarreal was finally home. She had beaten the novel coronavirus but she couldn’t get dressed by herself or even raise her arms to brush her hair.”By the grace of God I was able to get off (the ventilator),” said the 69-year-old woman from Lorain, Ohio.Villarreal is among thousands of people who have survived after contracting Covid-19. As of Thursday, estimates indicate that more than 710,000 people have recovered from Covid-19 worldwide, according to data collected by John Hopkins University. The actual figure is likely to be higher because the data cover only confirmed cases.The survivors are old and young, celebrities, health care workers, faith leaders and parents. They battled the virus while hospitalized or isolated at home and were able to make it through.Here’s what people on the other side of the pandemic are doing:They are learning how to breathe and walk againJesse Vanderhoof could barely move with a walker around his home in Blaine County, Idaho, and going to his upstairs bedroom was out of the question.For the 40-year-old nurse, the skiing and hiking trips with his wife feel like distant memories. Ten days after leaving the hospital, walking only a couple of blocks leaves him extremely exhausted.

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