(CNN)With schools closing in US states due to the coronavirus outbreak, charity Comp-U-Dopt is working to provide low-income families in the Houston area with computers.School closures of at least eight weeks may better fight the spread of the coronavirus than shorter breaks, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said, and many American schools have switched to online classes.However, not all children have access to computers at home.Comp-U-Dopt has begun distributing computers for free to families in need in Harris County, Texas, and is enlisting more recipients.”Our mission at Comp-U-Dopt is to provide technology to students who need it most, and we understand the need is greater than ever,” the charity wrote in a statement on its website.To register, a child must be enrolled in school in Harris County and lack access to a working laptop, tablet or computer at home.The response has been tremendous. On the first day the program opened up, the reservations filled up in less than three minutes. Then it was 30 seconds on the second day. Sixty spaces are made available each day, and 3,000 to 5,000 people are attempting to register for a computer each day, according to Comp-U-Dopt CEO Megan Steckly.”The

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