(CNN)Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mayor G.T. Bynum says one of the worst days of his life was the day he decided to shut down the restaurants. Bynum, a former city councilor, was elected Tulsa’s mayor some three years ago. Like local officials across the country, he now finds himself on the front lines of implementing strict policies to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Republican leader said he understood the economic peril his decision would cause the people in his city — even some of his good friends. But the alternative, the science and public health experts told him, was that people would risk getting coronavirus and the hospitals could get overrun. “I ran for mayor because I didn’t feel like our city was aiming high enough,” he told CNN in a virtual interview from his home, which he has turned into his Covid-19 command center. “I thought we ought to be aspiring to be greater than we were, and one of the sectors that I drew inspiration from in our community were the entrepreneurs that built up this great restaurant scene here. Many of them young professionals who risked everything that they had and put everything into these businesses.”And to have

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