(CNN)For two days in a row, President Donald Trump has downplayed questions about whether he should distance himself from his second-in-line to guard against them both contracting coronavirus, even as other world leaders see members of their cabinets infected — or, in the case of Britain’s Boris Johnson, fall victim to the disease themselves.Instead, Trump has placed confidence in an intensive testing regimen at the White House that has so far seen scores of officials and guests undergo an assessment before coming anywhere near him.”No, I don’t think so,” Trump said Monday when asked whether he was taking any additional steps to protect the continuity of government. “Mike (Pence) had his test couple of days ago. I had my test couple of days ago. And we’re here, and here you are. So, no, I don’t think so.”From the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Trump has both downplayed the prospect that he could contract it himself and shrugged off his own government’s guidelines on social distancing and wearing masks.Even after he came into contact with several individuals who later tested positive for the virus, Trump declined to be tested. Eventually he relented and took a test, but

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