Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump said Tuesday that his administration was “starting the process” of having the US Army Corps of Engineers assist New York in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, an action sought by the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo, but suggested that no final decision had been made.Asked at a news conference Tuesday if he would support that request, Trump said, “We’ve been asked to …Yes we’re starting to. We’re starting the process, we hope it’s not going to be necessary but it could be necessary, the state is working on it very hard themselves but we’ll probably supplement.””The Army Corps of Engineers is ready, willing and able, we have to give them the go ahead if we find that it’s going to be necessary, we think that we can have quite a few units up very rapidly,” Trump added.”I’ve worked with Gov. Cuomo and … we’re talking to California about different sites,” he went on to say.As the outbreak has spread, politicians including Cuomo and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have been asking why the military has not been doing more to help. On Monday the Pentagon said it “is ready and willing to support” US civilian authorities

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