Alice Hill is the senior fellow for climate change policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and co-author of “Building a Resilient Tomorrow.” In addition to serving in senior leadership roles in the Obama administration with responsibility for biological threat preparedness, she previously served as a judge and federal prosecutor. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion on CNN. (CNN)While touring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss Covid-19 a couple weeks ago, President Donald Trump asked, “Who would have thought?” By not anticipating the catastrophe we are now living, Trump joins a pantheon of American leaders whose failures of imagination have come at great cost.The perspective was very different in the Obama administration, where I served first in the Department of Homeland Security and then at the National Security Council as senior director for resilience policy. My work focused on preparing the United States for the hard-to-imagine — an aerosolized anthrax attack occurring in multiple cities, destruction of core infrastructure from accelerating climate change impacts, solar flares cutting off power to the Eastern Seaboard, widespread antibiotic resistance, pandemics and other nightmare-inducing scenarios.And I helped shape federal policy with a group that included

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