Washington (CNN)The Trump administration launched its latest effort to oust embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday, leveraging the coronavirus pandemic to apply additional pressure. “The United States has long been committed to finding a solution to the man-made crisis in Venezuela,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement. “The urgency for this has become all the more serious in light of the Maduro regime’s failure to adequately prepare for and address the global COVID-19 pandemic.” Speaking at the State Department, Pompeo outlined a plan to establish a transitional government and, “if the conditions of the framework are met,” lift sanctions on Venezuela. The Maduro government rejected it almost immediately. The US hopes its newly proposed framework will facilitate a democratic transition in Venezuela, more than a year after initial attempts to force Maduro from power. Those conditions include “the departure of foreign security forces and elections deemed free and fair by international observers,” Pompeo said, an apparent reference to Russian forces.The ‘man-made crisis’Pompeo presented the plan as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, with the World Health Organization reporting 129 cases in Venezuela as of Tuesday. The country is already reeling under sanctions and the

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