CNN host Van Jones is the CEO of the REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice organization. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion on CNN. (CNN)For decades, I used my social justice activism as an excuse to neglect my health. I took on cause after cause. But the whole while, I ate crappy food, rarely exercised, guzzled diet soda and rarely slept. I abused my body through stress and overwork.Today, I am an African American man in my early 50s who battles high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and hypertension.In other words, despite being a tireless and formidable opponent of systemic injustice, I am someone whom Covid-19 could easily kill.The data is in: Covid-19 is hitting black America harder.I am not alone. This virus is wiping out black people like me in hugely disproportionate numbers.If the African American community is going to beat this virus — and create a pandemic-resistant black community — we are going to have to make big changes in both our public systems and our personal lives.This virus is especially lethal to African Americans because it is — in effect — a pandemic jumping on top of multiple, pre-existing epidemics that were already ravaging the

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