(CNN)There are nearly 40,000 people in ICE custody across the United States. And there’s a big question looming as the novel coronavirus spreads. What will happen if there’s an outbreak inside one of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s detention facilities, which have long faced criticism for how they handle even routine medical care?ICE says there aren’t any confirmed coronavirus cases at its detention facilities — and that protecting the health and safety of those in its custody is one of the agency’s top priorities.The White House is asking Congress to boost ICE’s budget so the agency can increase its quarantine capacity. Immigrant advocacy groups are pushing for ICE to release detainees now, before it’s too late. And immigrants held in at least one family detention facility say they don’t feel safe.As this complex and fast-moving situation evolves, here are some of the key developments to watch:ICE has put social visits on holdAs part of its efforts to stop coronavirus from spreading, the agency recently said it was temporarily suspending social visitation at ICE facilities “as a precautionary measure” — meaning family members, friends and advocates who used to be able to visit detained loved ones in person can’t anymore, at least

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